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The thin light that oozed from the gaps in the curtains that hadn't been tightened, made up the wheel frame placed in the room. A double bed Cheap Cigarettes, a side bedside table, a lamp, an ashtray, with a few cigarette butts inserted crookedly. A crumple of tin foil was rubbed next to the pleated plastic wrapping paper, all scattered around a pack of cigarettes. I lightly touched the edge of the ashtray Marlboro Gold. Although it was a momentary opportunity, I saw the long-haired woman lying on the bed because she leaned slightly. "" Standing up to the window, the morning light that suddenly broke in completely dispelled the darkness in the room. A few clouds were floating on the blue sky outside, and there was already a lot of traffic outside the window, and the city began to work hard to show its vitality. The newly opened window instantly connected this small room with the outside world, and a clattering sound of cars, birds, and people mingled into the room with oxygen from the outside. Stopped by the window for a long time, and with the ups and downs of the perspective, I looked at the coming and going outside the window this morning. "Dinner" "Oh, here we come. " The perspective suddenly fell, hitting the bottom of the ashtray, and the smoke fart next to it was squeezed aside. The feeling brought by the smoke is also wonderful. A cigarette comes when you are busy or at leisure. A ray of light smoke rises in front of your eyes as if you opened another door, swallowing and vomiting, and the smoke ring is open. So that the world that belongs only to you is presented. The thrill of smoking is particularly strong Parliament Cigarettes, and there is only one chance to enjoy this kind of thrill every day. After that, no matter how deliberately I don’t drink water to deliberately create thirst, this feeling will not happen, and some just have a more choking burning sensation. Yes, some feelings can't be created intentionally. The only thing you can do when it comes is to enjoy it. If you leave, it's gone. It is said that smoking can relieve worry and relieve boredom, and it is indeed not false. The nicotine absorbed in tobacco enters the lungs and stomach, and is metabolized quickly, and within half a minute, the brain will immediately feel it. Thinking starts to be dull, and people can't think of so many things, and can't understand so many logical relationships, naturally all kinds of problems and sorrows in the present, there is no way to think, no way to think hard. The so-called sorrow is always such a thing. If you don't think about it, it will not exist.
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